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We deliver, as long as we can reach
you by schooner!

Seriously though, our aim is to provide you with brands that stand out. Let us help you compliment or contrast your current line up with something special from Stonehooker that will intrigue your patrons. Our wide variety of lagers, pilsners, IPA's sours, British pub-style ales and stouts are available throughout the year. Let us know what you need and what would look great on your menu, as a regular feature or rotating tap.
Branded glassware, coasters, tap handles, staff training and brewery tours are some of the ways we support you and your team. 
Connect with one of our sales team and we'll be in touch to find out more about your business and suggest what Stonehooker beer would make a real difference in your establishment.

Contact us here:


289-847-5000 ext. 106

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